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Why Choose MJ Cosy Homes

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    Cost Effective, No Hidden Cost

    We dedicated to providing good quality products and services to our customers. Customer will have fixed price options so they will not worry about any hidden costs or variable price.

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    MJ Design

    From the beginning, you can choose to take advantage of designing service to make your project more appealing to the public.

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    Transparency – MJ Cloud

    With the assistance of cloud-based software, you can keep on track of what is happening on the work site and what building material has been used.

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    Development Support

    We help our developers in a number of ways to optimise the profits.

About MJ Cosy Homes

MJ Cosy Homes is Adelaide based builder that cares about our customers. We believe your homes deserve to be greener, cosier, and more energy efficient. In order to achieve this, we are continuously seeking new material that can help improve insulation, provide more spaces for greenery and new technology that can make a difference.

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The Benefits of MJ Cloud

We understand the importance of getting customer informed. MJ Cloud utilises Dropbox to share project-related information with you. We will provide with pictures at different building stage to our clients, so you can get an idea of what is happening to the site and what material on earth has been used for building.

Keep you up to date

In the cloud, we will provide you with our up to date pictures taken on site to help you understand each stage the project is at.

Secure Important files

By storing the project documents in the cloud, we have greater security over them, meaning you can rest easy knowing they will not be lost or misplaced at crucial times.

Check anytime, anywhere

Cloud-based software is available across a number of electronic devices. You can check any files at any time, anywhere.

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