What does my quotation include?

Building quotation normally includes the work from the foundation until end of landscaping, which is called turkey. However, you have been careful as many builders do not include many essential elements in their quotation to make it look cheaper. For a customer to add them afterwards, it would become much more expensive. We ensure that our quotations cover the entire process, while still being cost-effective.

How long is one building cycle?

The duration of building work usually depends on a number of things, including the number of dwellings associated, project complexity and any act of god/unforeseen circumstances. A normal single dwelling would take around 8-10 months to finish.

What is variation and what is it all about?

Variation is the last thing anyone wants to see, including builders ourselves. This normally occurs when the unexpected takes place, and trade person has to increase their quotes to the builder. We usually provide fixed price contract to our clients with a certain allowance, so there are no hidden costs to our clients. Even though variations may take place, our clients will always know what the reasons are behind them.

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