Building & Home Improvement

Building a home can never be easier. By building with MJ Cosy Homes, we will offer you the full turnkey solutions that will take all of your stress away. From concrete to Landscaping, you can sit there to see your dreamed home finished with the quality you like.

Affordable home doesn’t mean it can’t be cosy. We dedicate to use Australia local or approved building material to ensure the structural soundness. At the same time, we have been seeking ways to order material like tiles, floorboards and carpet directly from the factory to avoid unnecessary distribution costs.

Quality is the most we care. In order to make sure every home we make is cosy and solid, we have our own quality control system on top of supervisor inspection, in that the interior work of the buildings is poorly supervised or checked. Our project coordinators will conduct a set of tests before the handover. We also check our trades people’s license before the commencement of construction, so we know we have the right people doing the right things. Normally, our trades would have at least 10 years’ experience in their specialised field.

MJ Cloud

We understand the importance of getting customer informed. MJ Cloud utilises Dropbox to share project-related information with you. We will provide with pictures at different building stage to our clients, so you can get an idea of what is happening to the site and what material on earth has been used for building.

Keep you up to date

In the cloud, we will provide you with our up to date pictures taken on site to help you understand each stage the project is at.

Secure Important files

By storing the project documents in the cloud, we have greater security over them, meaning you can rest easy knowing they will not be lost or misplaced at crucial times.

Check anytime, anywhere

Cloud-based software is available across a number of electronic devices. You can check any files at any time, anywhere.

Development Support

We are dedicated to helping developers to earn the best profit. To achieve this, however, we have to be involved with the project at a very early stage to make sure the design, the building material and etc. are properly chosen, in that any loss from one component can result in failure of the entire project.

From the beginning of designing stage, we will use our experience to carry on the project with Cost-effective material solutions. Time is Money. In order to make the whole process efficient, we have a systematic workflow utilising the 21-century software. All our stuff, suppliers and trade people will work cooperatively with adequate communication.

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